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Becoming River


July 7th - July 31st 2017

A collection of Reflections Aubrey Pongluelert

This collection of reflections is a synthesis of new pieces and selected older works, which Aubrey feels represents her roots, changes and growth. Comprised of several series of self-portraits that range from figurative painting to representational abstractions to symbolic drawings, the show serves as a narrative to the ever-changing process of becoming.

Aubrey uses her art making process as a means of self-reflection and inquiry. Her works in figurative painting and printing begin with sessions of self-portrait photography, from which she selects images to re-imagines through different mediums. Aubrey’s work is also heavily influenced by locations, the natural environment and the spaces around her. Many of the pieces in this exhibit speak to the places and times which the artist holds as significant in the flow of her path. 

Opening Artist Reception                         Friday, July 7th                                               6-8pm