Art Central is known for a wide variety of art supplies, for its experienced and friendly staff, a gallery with unique exhibits, and art classes offered by a variety of teachers. However, Art Central is much, much more…


Led by an experienced artist, Art Central’s demonstrations give you a chance to learn various techniques and uses for products and frequently, the opportunity to try them for yourself. Always educational and lots of fun!

Play Dates

The name says it all! Play Dates are designed to give participants a chance to create and play with different art supplies and meet other creative people, all in a casual and relaxed environment. It’s a great way to try new mediums and products.

Team Building

Led by accomplished artist instructors, our art-themed team building, reward events are fun and effective, and individually tailored to a company/organization’s unique needs. Depending on the program you choose, participants may:

  • Accomplish a goal by working together
  • Learn about their own and their co-workers leadership and problem-solving approaches
  • Discover more about their team members, in and out of the workplace
  • Enjoy rewards for hard work, individual merit, etc.
  • Celebrate holidays, goals, or year-end celebrations

Our store is conveniently located and a place where participants feel they can create and get messy! We can accommodate groups of up to 18 and events usually run 2-3 hours. Our events are like no others and your team will grow stronger from the experience.