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We are working to add new workshops & demonstrations to our lineup...
Check back soon!

Chinese Brush Painting Lesson by Hilda Vandergriff: Cat with Blossoms
Sunday August 12th, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Fee: $40.00 per person
Have you ever wanted to learn about Chinese brush painting? Sign up and learn how to paint a cat, a bee and blossoms, using simple strokes. Learn to paint cat fur and how to write a Chinese calligraphy word for “Happiness.” Learn how to load a brush with colors and how to paint with Chinese ink.  Learn about seal chops and the variety of papers you can paint on. You will receive a lesson handout and follow along the lesson step by step. You will go home with a beautiful painting and gained knowledge about Chinese brush painting techniques. Hilda is passionate about her teaching and wants people to learn and have fun. Her goal is to bring out creativity; she brings lots of enthusiasm and positive thinking in her teaching style.  Come and have a fun time painting and learning.
Chinese art brushes (large, medium and small for details)
Black Chinese ink
Special textured paper, sumi paper, mulberry or rice paper, Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolor set
A white ceramic plate for watercolors, A small bowl for holding black Chinese ink, Wool felt cloth for laying down the paper to paint on, 1 water container, Paper Towels.
To enroll, contact Hilda by phone:  559-322-6557 or email: hvandergri@aol.com

Coloring for Adults...Finding and Using Color in Painting with Sydney Hall                                                    Saturday, August 18, 12:30-3:30pm
Fee: $35 per workshop

Vibrancy of Color - This painting class will focus on the fundamentals essential to oil painting. Emphasis is placed on properly starting a painting and relationships found within a subject. We will discuss equipment, design concepts, abstraction, tone, color, and paint handling. Fine tuning will be ongoing and we will explore and learn to see color; simplifying your creation; shadow planes vs. light planes; color change vs. value change; perspective; pushing distance; adding the opposite on the color wheel does not make your shadow color; white is not the answer to making something lighter; and more. We will have fun and laugh a lot as well. I look forward to working with you! This particular class is expressly for oil painters. www.sydneyhall.com and      www.facebook.com/sydneyhallstudio. All levels welcome, no experience needed. (Students will be emailed a supply list when class is confirmed. A list may also be picked up at Art Central.) Intended for adults (this particular class is not for children.) Five student minimum; payments to be received by Tuesday August 14th, please.
Interested students should contact Sydney Hall by email: sydpaints@yahoo.com with Art Central Oil Painting Workshop in the subject line or phone: 805-782-9288.

Drawing Foundation Series with Larry Le Brane: Shading
Thursday August 23, 5 - 8pm
Fee: $45

Study shading & apply principles of value to achieve the illusion of natural & mood lighting. Make your drawings come alive with this skill. Larry Le Brane’s "Drawing Foundation Series": 4 Mini-Classes, each session focuses on specific fundamental drawing skills, learning how to ‘see differently.’ Take only 1 or all sessions. 4 Student minimum. Beginning skill levels. Students get a Material List when class is confirmed.
To Enroll: Contact


Acrylic Painting Workshop with Drew Davis: “Abstraction”
Friday August 24th, 10:30am - 1;30pm
Fee: $45

Drew has over 16 years experience as a professional artist and 4 years of teaching Art workshops. In this 3 hour acrylic painting workshop, Drew will break down his creative process used to construct his vibrant, energetic abstract paintings.  We will explore how to use contrast, shapes and colors to create interesting forms. He will share various techniques in how to use color and brush strokes to create movement, balance and energy. This class is for all skill levels!
We will be working mostly from our imaginations -- but you are welcome to bring your own images for inspiration of shape and color. We will be doing several small warm-up pieces and one larger. Paints, brushes and other materials will be provided. Canvas and additional materials can be purchased at Art Central. You are welcome to BYOB. Come join the fun!
Contact Drew for questions or register at drewdavis.com/classes  by phone: 805-234-2302, or email: drew@drewdavis.com


Relief Printmaking Workshop with Tricia Reichert Saturday August 25th, 10:30am-4pm

Relief printing is achieved by rolling ink onto the surface of a carved block. The areas that are carved away will not print, but those shapes of the image that are left will accept the ink and form the final print. The print will be a mirror image of what you see on your printing block! Come and learn how to design, carve and print a block (relief) print. Any subject can be adapted to work for this printmaking process. Bring along your ideas for the subject, or choose from a variety of mine for this project. Carving the design is very easy on this soft rubber block and water-based inks will be used in this workshop.
To enroll, contact by email: tricia@portaitsandprints.com


Encaustic in 3D with Flo Bartell
Saturday, September 8th: 11am – 4pm,
Sunday, September 9th: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Fee: $275 for two-day workshop

Let the aroma, rich colors, and sensual feel of wax seduce you! Learn encaustic basics, how to add dimensional elements to your paintings, and how to combine other media with wax. Most supplies will be provided. (A list of other supplies will be given after registrations)
Interested students should email Flo.bartell@gmail.com with encaustic in the subject line.


Advancing in Watercolor with Ardella Swanberg
1pm – 4pm: September 10th, 13th, 17th 20th, 24th, 27th & October 8th, 11th
Fee: $180 for eight class workshop
Please send checks by 8/30/18

After learning the basics of painting you need to learn more about how to make an outstanding composition.  This class leads you beyond copying photos and paintings into your own vision with unusual color schemes, design, and abstraction in easy to understand steps. Use your own photographs and drawings for originality.  The classes will cover planning a painting, negative shapes, elements and principles of art, color theory, lively whites, designing with collage, value patterns, and how to save a painting. These principles will help to have your paintings accepted into competitions.
To enroll contact by phone: 1-805-234-1754 or email: ardellajo@yahoo.com

Demo: Painting Seascapes in Watercolor
with Harwood "Woody" Benton
Saturday, September 15th, 10am - 12 pm

Come watch as the 2018 Recipient of the Judge’s Choice Award recipient for the Central Coast Watercolor Society demonstrates how to plan, develop and bring to life seascapes from the local area.
Woody Benton has been painting for over forty years in the challenging medium of watercolor. He has been teaching adults new to painting as well as those with some knowledge how to capture the beauty of landscapes, seascapes, architecture and people from around the world.

Jim Tyler: "Painting Big Sur with Pastels"
Saturday, September 15th, 1 - 4 pm.
Fee: $50

In this workshop we'll learn all about pastels while completing a painting of the Big Creek Bridge area of Big Sur.  Pastels are one of the most direct mediums in art: just choose a color and put it on the sanded paper.  There is no mixing of paints on a palette.  During the workshop, you'll learn the techniques of applying pastels with the side, edge and ends of the stick; how to layer and mix pastels; the different kinds of pastel and paper; and how to frame a pastel painting.
Limited to 8 students.  No prior experience with pastels is needed; all levels are welcome.  Some materials provided.  Class materials list on hand at Art Central.
Contact Jim Tyler for questions or registration by phone: 805-748-2220, or email: jimtylerfineart@gmail.com

Acrylic Lesson with Hilda Vandergriff: Van Gogh Sunflowers
Sunday, September 16th, 12:30 – 2:30pm
Fee: $40 per person

Learn about Vincent Van Gogh impressionist painting techniques, bold bright colors and harsh brush strokes. 
You will receive a lesson handout and watch demo steps on the painting process. This is a class for anyone and you will take home a finished painting. Come have fun painting and learn about Vincent Van Gogh and acrylics.  Hilda is passionate about her teaching and wants people to learn art techniques while having fun.  Her goal is to bring out creativity; she brings lots of enthusiasm and positive thinking in her teaching style.  Come and have a fun time painting and learning.
Acrylic Paint Colors: Titanium White, Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Permanent Rose, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Violet.
Acrylic brushes Royal Soft Grip or other brand: (Flat size ½, Filbert size ½, flat ¼ inch)
Pre-stretched Canvas – Size 11” x 14.”  A pen and a light color pastel pencil, Canson disposal palette pad, 2 Water containers and Paper towels
To enroll, contact Hilda by phone:  559-322-6557 or email: hvandergri@aol.com 

Painting Values in Watercolor
with Harwood "Woody" Benton
Saturday, September 22nd, 10:30am – 1:30pm
Fee: $40 
Watercolor painting is the process of staining heavy paper with water based pigment. With practice and patience, you can learn to capture the subtle shapes and light in the world around you. Watercolor, at its best, is about being in the moment and finding the essence of a subject rather than getting caught up in all of the minute details. In this class, we will start from a blank page and learn to bring to life a seascape scene from start to finish. 
Woody will demonstrate technique and then guide each person as they try their hands at this wonderful medium. This class is for adults. You do not have to have any prior experience. Woody has inspired adults for decades to add this form of moving meditation to their self-care regime. To enroll, please contact Joni by e-mail:  info@bentonstudio.com. A list of supplies will be e-mailed to students when class is confirmed. A list may also be picked up and filled at Art Central.


Lynn Bacigalupo: Calm & Centering Mandalas Saturday September 29th, 1-3pm
Fee: $25 per workshop

When you create space in your life, a world of possibilities open up.  Come experience the calming benefits of meditation through the art of creating mandalas. We will explore this ancient art form of using symmetrical patterning to center your mind.  All materials are provided, simply bring yourself :-)  Class inclu
des guided meditation and mandala creation.  All levels welcome, no experience needed.
To enroll, contact Lynn by email:  lbacigalupo@gmail.com or phone: 805-242-6802


Techniques with Alcohol Ink and Pebeo Fantasy Paints with Margaret Burdick
Saturday Nov. 3rd, 2-5pm

Fee: $35 per person, with some supplies provided by instructor. Other supplies available at Art Central (cost 10-15 dollars)
An overview of the techniques and possibilities when using alcohol ink with other media.  Attendees will create one or two pieces each after experimenting with the materials.  This class is limited to nine persons.  Another workshop will be added if necessary on Sunday November 11th.
PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is not suitable for persons who are sensitive to strong odors.
To Enroll, email: mlburdickart@gmail.com