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Figuratively teaching

June 1st- July 3rd

Students of local artist David Limrite

Participating Artists:

  • Ana Bass
  • Arleen Blake
  • Rebecca Simmons
  • Patti Robbins
  • Abby Belknap
  • Pam Seeley
  • Jeri Edwards
  • Kathie Jimison
  • Kathy Spencer Canepa
  • Tracy Paz
  • KC Caldwell
  • Christine Cortese
  • Marie Ramey

Visit David's Blog at https://www.davidlimrite.com/blog/

"I am honored and delighted that Art Central is hosting "Figuratively Teaching", which celebrates the accomplishments of my devoted students. This is a wonderful opportunity for the hardworking artists that have spent time with me in one of my classes or workshops, to share with you the results of their hard work.

I am an artist first, however, I am passionate about teaching and helping artists be the best and most creative artists they can be. My mixed media figure drawing and painting classes are playgrounds that encourage artists to be curious about what a drawing or a painting can be. My classes are all about learning, mark making, decision making and risk taking.

All of this shows up in my students work, and for that, I am very proud.  

- David Limrite