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About Us

Seeing a need for a knowledgeably staffed, community-oriented art supply store in San Luis Obispo, local artist Etty Pacifico opened Art Central in 2011.

Etty is an accomplished painter who secretly loves glittery, shiny things. (She thinks she may have been a magpie in her previous life.)  As such, the store has accumulated more diverse products over the years and boasts an impressive array of well-known (and not so well-known) art materials. And, Art Central is happy to order anything for a customer that isn't already in stock.

Art Central strives is to be far more than just an art supply store.  Expanding its schedule of workshops and demonstrations by local artists and instructors, it has become a place in the community for those that wish to expand, refine and combine their artistic experiences— realizing Etty’s vision!