Art central gallery

Art Central Gallery brings together our local artist community to celebrate the talent and creativity of san luis obispo County.

Please see our new site for more information on our New and Upcoming Exhibits

The Art Central Gallery houses both a fixed collection of art for sale and a monthly rotating show. The monthly exhibits range from collections of works by specific groups of artists to themed shows with open submissions. Check out our blog, for details on upcoming shows!

Our fixed collection is represented by our Gallery Artists, whom show their work year round. If you'd like to contact one of the artists on display, check the information provided in the Gallery Artist page. Or call us at (805)-747-4200 and email us at artcentral93401@gmail.com.

Also check out our workshops hosted in the gallery space!

For information about showing your own artwork,
please call (805) 788-0887 or email us at artcentral93401@gmail.com
Space is limited.