Outreach program

About our Outreach program:

with Greg Money

The Art Central Outreach Program was established because as an art store we have been seeing more and more people being intimidated with art supplies that blinds people the freedom to be creative. 

When our owner of the store was at a retreat and doing some creative art in their art room people kept walking by intrigued.  With each passer by the interest in what she was doing grew until that brave individual whispered to her, “What are you doing?”  With open arms she was included to play and explore the paints just by putting color on paper.   This freedom of self-expression became infectious where by the end of the retreat over 40 people were being self-expressed and having fun being creative.  With even one individual who never touched art supplies since she was little because of an abusive school teacher.  Found herself at the table just playing, laughing, and having fun like she never had before.  Most of all she got a new sense of freedom to express herself. 

We all know that distracting voice in our heads that says “Oh I’m not an Artist”, “I’m can’t be creative.” but inside ourselves is a desire to be creative and self-expressed.  That is where Art Central Outreach Program comes to help.  We are committed to having people learn new art supplies and be able to find that freedom to be creative with new and exciting products.   Please get in contact with us about getting involved in your organizations through email.

email: artcentralslo@yahoo.com