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"While We Sheltered"

June 1st - September 28th

Call for Shelter-in-place Artists! We have an exciting opportunity for those of you who have been creating during these last few months:

We want your artwork for our New Gallery exhibit (yes our real gallery)
"While We Sheltered"

For this exhibit we will NOT be hosting an Artists reception, and there with be NO entry fees! Artwork will be limited to one piece per person, 16x20" or smaller, and must have been created during the COVID-19 Shelter-in-place. You may choose to put a price on the art or not - we will not adhere to our usual policy of requiring the art to be for sale. This exhibit will take place for the months of June thru September!

Please click this link for our ARTIST CONTRACT

Artwork may be brought in anytime that the store is open for business, and we will hang work until we run out of room. The ONLY criteria is that the work MUST have been created after March 19th, 2020.