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Body text for the show-description goes in this left column (P.style 'Paragraph')

MAKE SURE TO DUPLICATE THIS PAGE BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES TO IT. To do so, go to the 'Page' tab in the editing bar, and click the 'Copy' button.

It should then prompt you to rename the page for the navigation bar and the name of the web page's file. You can deselect the option to have the page displayed in the Nav Bar, but you can also do this at a later point in the 'Navigation' menu.

Speaking of the 'Navigation' menu...
the button to access the Navigation menu is next to the 'Save Page As...' button. 'Page'>'Page Properties'>'Navigation'
Here you can rename, re-position, and hide each individual webpage.

For each new show you will need to replace the 'Current Show' webpage. First rename the show that is being replaced to the proper title of that show and create a link to it in the 'Past Shows' webpage. Then name the new webpage you just created as the 'Current Show' and place it as the first sub-navigation bar under 'Gallery'.

Include a list of

Participating Artists

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To save yourself and everybody else a whole 'lotta trouble, when importing images to Yola, make sure to FIRST use the 'File Manager' under 'Site'>'Content'>'File Manager.' If you're uploading the images for a show, then place the file under 'Gallery_Images'>'Shows'>'New Folder' And save the new folder as the title of the show. After you do so, you may upload the image files.

If you uploaded the files in the wrong location, select the files you want to move (you can select multiple by holding shift as you click), right click and select copy. Navigate to the proper file and right click>paste. You will still have to go back and delete the original files...

Next you will need to add the images to a gallery widget. You can delete the default gallery widget provided on this template page, or replace the images within it. The widget is located under 'Widgets'>'Popular'>'Gallery'. Once you drag the 'Gallery' widget out of the tool bar you will be prompted to either 'Upload New Images' or 'Browse Uploaded images'. Hopefully you already uploaded the image files and placed them in a proper location. Go to the folder you saved those image files, select the files you'd like to display in the 'Gallery Widget' and click the 'Select' button when you are all done.

To change the title or caption the images, click edit and click the name to the right of the image file thumbnail.